love makes life a paradise…

2 years ago today…

wedding-collagefrom left to right: Stop at Lumahai Beach before getting ready; T doing my nails; T doing my hair; photos behind our Kauai cottage; My daddy and I; the ceremony; First kiss; rings; cake!

I have to admit it feels longer than just 2 years and I’m pretty sure C would tell you the same.  We’ve had lots of downs and ups.  I won’t sugar coat it.  We aren’t that annoyingly happy couple that has fun together all the time and we don’t pretend to.  But we’ve had lots of great times and awesome memories.  We are constantly moving forward and planning.  I think we will continue to build the life each of us pictured with some bumps along the way.

We got married on the sandy beach of Hanalei on the north shore of Kauai.  This year National Geographic rated it the United State’s number 1 best beach!  Our ceremony was picture perfect.  We had a small reception at the Bali Hai with the 17 people that came to share our special day.  Aren’t we lucky we had 17 people travel 4,000 miles to be with us?


Here’s to 2 years and counting.


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  1. melNo Gravatar says:

    Happy anniversary!

    mel’s last blog post..too tired to care if i have a title or not.

  2. katelinNo Gravatar says:

    aw happy anniversary! love the pictures :)

    katelin’s last blog post..Dear Life, with love.

  3. NoraNo Gravatar says:

    BEAUTIFUL pictures.
    Congrats on two years =)

    Nora’s last blog post..Vegas Buzz

  4. floretaNo Gravatar says:

    awesome!! i didn’t realize you were married :) i’d love to have a beach wedding someday. cool that NatGeo put this on the top of the list!

    floreta’s last blog post..The Truths We Hide and the Lies We Tell

  5. Awww… I love this post… Congrats and yay for posting pictures!

    Reeder’s Corner’s last blog post..My Addiction

  6. JennNo Gravatar says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! The pictures are amazing and I’m sure they bring back many wonderful memories. Enjoy the day!

  7. ErinNo Gravatar says:

    Happy happy happy anniversary! The wedding looks like it was beautiful!

    Erin’s last blog post..I’m Not Here!

  8. SarahNo Gravatar says:

    happy anniversary!!

    Sarah’s last blog post..This weekend was for…

  9. I was right! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!! love the pics! this is exactly how I would want to get married. just me, my guy and a max of 25 closest friends and family somewhere out of the country. (well hawaii isn’t out of the country… but beyond beautiful!)

    enjoy your day :)

    Reinventing Amy’s last blog post..Reasons not to get drunk (aka- reasons TO get drunk)

  10. Kat ArgonzaNo Gravatar says:

    Oh, that looks absolutely wonderful. Ugh, Ria, I’m thinking about getting hitched, but I can’t seem to take the plunge… on paper it’s perfect, but I’m still wierded by the failure of my last marriage.

    You make it look so pretty and happy! Le sigh.

    Kat Argonza’s last blog post..Is chivalry dead? No, it was just always overrated

  11. MermandaNo Gravatar says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Mermanda’s last blog post..Bye Bye Dr. Douche Bag

  12. sleepyjaneNo Gravatar says:

    Happy anniversary! I hope you two have a great day!

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